All you want to know about UHDTV (parts 1 & 2) - HIGH PERFORMANCE MOVING IMAGE PORTRAYAL
This two-day seminar, presented by John Watkinson and Peter Wilson, takes the subject far beyond the traditional approaches of television and cinema. UHDTV has already had a long road of techno-political and commercial intrigue which will be outlined and there are contrasting but vital approaches here with consideration of communications theory and how the Human Visual System really interacts with moving image portrayal and compression systems. Only by considering the whole picture can the opportunities of the digital domain be fully grasped and modern performance criteria established.

John Watkinson and Peter Wilson will reveal all about this emerging technology!
Topics to be covered are:
* What is UHDTV and where did it come from?
* The HD format war and its main players
* World standards and their proponents
* Digital cinema and its impact on the TV world
* UHDTV will be 4K or 8K...
     but what is a 'K' and what does it really mean?
* Plenty of parameters, but which are important?
* Product features and their importance -
     How to unpick the marketing message
* The Human Visual System (HVS)
* Optical principles
* Sampling
* Accuracy in motion portrayal and dynamic resolution
* Colorimetry
* Beyond MPEG
* Advances in audio for images
* Putting it all together

Course organiser:
High Definition & Digital Cinema Ltd.
This course can either be tailored to management teams needing an understanding of how this technology will change their business or, alternatively, to operational and R&D staff.

The Experts:

John Watkinson
An internationally recognised consultant and the author of "The Art of Digital Video". He lectures extensively on television, cinematography, stereoscopy and audio. He has pioneered mathematical modelling of motion portrayal in imaging.

Peter Wilson
World renowned expert on all things High Resolution in television and digital cinema. Specialises in product management, technology strategy and training. His motto is "I'm always working on things that haven't happened yet!". Nearly thirty years' experience in high resolution imaging, including twenty-five years' experience in the digitisation of cinema from capture to presentation.
HDDC Ltd will be pleased to tailor UHDTV courses to your requirements, in venues of your choice.
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